CellDe Trade-In

Whether you are a Phone Retailer, Trade-in Provider, Phone Distributor, Warehousing Service Provider or Telecom Operator, operational efficiency is of paramount importance to you.

With CellDe Trade-in, your organisation has the solution & tools to promptly collect devices through Omni-Channel Workflows, process devices & then run industry standardised device identification & testing. Continuing this automation process, it also manages inventory, performs label printing, device packaging & facilitates warehouse processes. With CellDe Trade-in, the configured workflow can be altered as per your business requirements with your branding to give your customer’s a seamless experience.

Our Business Intelligence Dashboard provides access to real-time data operations, devices, and Smart Analytics to help you reduce costs, achieve operational efficiency & adapt to changing requirements of the market.

Key Benefits of CellDe Trade-In

  • Scale your businesses without worrying about operational efficiency
  • Give your customers a standardised & seamless experience through all channels & touchpoints
  • Avoid losses, due to human error & non-compliance of systems or policies
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Reduce NTF (No Trouble Found)
  • Reduced operational cost & unexpected overheads
  • Improved ROI with Advanced Analytics
  • Smooth Trade-In Workflow Management

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