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Pradeep Singh
Project Manager
"With Veridic since Jan 2014"

I started with the company in late 2013 as a Senior Developer. I had an obsession for writing better and efficient code. I got my chance with things like complex integrations, solving next to impossible business problems in code and exposure to latest frameworks and technologies. Shortly afterwards I was given an opportunity to lead a development team, this gave me the right exposure and chance to develop the skillset required to build great teams that works in sync to achieve the target with utmost quality. I learned about the human side of software development during this period. As of January 2015 I am working as a Project Manager, this was an opportunity for me to learn how to build relationships and everything about deadlines. I am happy to be able to contribute in various different areas and roles inside the organization which gave me tremendous experience as a professional. We at Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd believe in character and values, practice them in all our affairs and we are not afraid of breaking things to fix them.